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Agent Directory

Name Position City Phone Website
Marty Walt Agent / Owner Oregon City 503-653-1212
Jordan Walt Errors and Omissions 503-653-8287
David Valdivia Licensed Agent 503-387-5941
Charles Foley Licensed Agent 503-590-2516
Heidi Omstead Licensed Agent 541-327-3615
Jeff Seibel Licensed Agen 503-893-8344
John Goodhouse Licensed Agent Tigard/Tualatin 971-212-7533
Paulina Menchaca Licensed Agent 503.702.2509
Chris Kemp Licensed Agent 503-501-8279

General Contact Info

Phone: 503-653-1212
Fax: 503-653-7869

617 High St. Suite 205
Oregon City, OR 97045