Choices offers our member agencies the opportunity for independence, and to gain quick access to competitive markets and top tier commissions. Membership frees you from the financial volatility of being a captive or direct writer, with the ability to earn 100% commission.

It really is all about the freedom to grow a business for you, your family and your insureds. If you are coming from a captive background, remember your dreams when you got into the business? You wanted to make sure you had a competitive product that met the needs of your customers. You were willing to put in the long ugly hours to build that agency for your family and your customers because you knew there was a payoff down the road financially and the ability to create your independence.

You may be wondering;

  • Is “one” company really all I need?
  • What do I tell my insureds when I know I am not competitive?
  • Will the company ever be satisfied with my production?
  • Why aren’t there many older agents in my company?
  • Does management hear me?
  • Do I still have the same pride I did; in what I am doing?
  • Am I selling now to keep my manager happy or my insureds’ needs met?
  • Will I have the future with this company I thought I would?
  • Where are all the happy people in my company?

The longer you wait, the harder it is to make that first step. Why not give us a call today? Your call will be confidential. Let us help you see if there is a way to gain the freedom you’re looking for.

  • Higher commissions allow you to build your business around growth and service for your customers.
  • Quick start, by having multiple competitive insurance companies.
  • Direct access to underwriters.
  • No company minimum premium requirements.
  • Agency management system.
  • Comparative rating system.
  • Group E & O
  • Write the lines of business you enjoy and market best.
  • Earn your own producer code with companies.
  • Far more independence than captive or direct writers.
  • Own and control the value of your book.
  • Support from an agency with proven experience and integrity.

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Marty Walt

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